Generation 2.5

Here we introduce the latest version of GenRobotics in industrial field. The latest version renowned as G2.5, the massive weight lifter which can lift weights around 400lbs without any external support. By the research and development of long 2 years on G2.5 gains the immense power and stability for this Gen Exoskeleton. The G2.5 developed with high flexibility and freedom to the man who drives the system. We can change the use of the system by altering the end effectors.

Generation 2 proved that mechanical feedback concept was possible and it caught so much attention from all around the world. We were getting frequent enquiries about this machine for construction industry. We have a client from Bangalore and they need the machine for their affordable house construction project. We will thus be able to put use of our machine in real life applications for the first time. They require a machine that can lift weights around 120kg, and for this we will have to make certain adjustments in our machine, that is to switch from pneumatics to hydraulics. This machine will increase the productivity, decrease the work load of labours and reduce the usage of cranes small but heavy materials. The total construction cost will be reduced by 10 to 15 percentages per square feet. Women employment opportunity in this sector will also increase since they can do heavy jobs with the help of this machine.

The latest version of GenRobotics reduces the use of heavy weight lifting machines in all industries and transforms them to a simple manner. The new version designed with the latest powerful technologies like pneumatics feedback and hydraulic system for attaining the accuracy and stability throughout the field. This will help the user to be more comfortable with the exoskeleton and easy to use.

Other areas of application:
  • Defence
  • Medical & Rehabilitation
  • Logistics & Warehouse Jobs
  • Rescue Workers
  • Ship Building
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial Exoskeletons