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Manhole accidents are increasing at a disastrous rate. Lack of oxygen and presence of hazardous gases makes it difficult for a human to enter a manhole. Reasons for these type of accidents are lack of training, lesser use of protective measures, etc... Read more..

Generation 1

The miraculous invention that set high bar in humanoid robotic field. A 10 ft. high robot that can be operated by an individual by placing himself inside, it’s a prototype of Read more..

Generation 2

The prodigy of GenRobotics, which revolutionized our thinking and motivated us to go beyond our limitations. The main difference of G2 from its predecessor is that it uses a pneumatic feedback system. The feedback concept has got a lot of application in machine tool controlling, automobile steering and breaking, medical field etc... Read more..

Generation 2.5

Here we introduce the latest version of GenRobotics in industrial field. The latest version renowned as G2.5, the massive weight lifter which can lift weights around 400lbs without any external support. By the research and development of long 2 years on G2.5 gains the immense power and stability for this Gen Exoskeleton. The G2.5 developed with high flexibility and freedom to the man who drives the system. Read more..

Generation 3

Mere words are not enough to describe G3. It’s something to be seen and experienced. The transcendence of Gen solutions, the ultra-modern edition which uses Artificial intelligence.It's working under our R&D Lab. Read more..