The next generation Scavenging Robot.


The First Robotic Scavenger

Capable to perform all sewer cleaning methods and automatic desilting.

Our Products


Fully Automatic | 4 Machine vision
Gas Sensing | Sewer Line Detection
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Semi-automatic | 4 Machine vision
Gas Sensing | IP68
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Semi-automatic | 3 Machine vision
Simple UI | IP64
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Exoz Series

Battery-powered functional exoskeleton (robotic suit) with more economic reliability using pneumatic feedback system.

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Pinarayi Vijayan | Chief Minister of Kerala

It is inhumanity to let our fellow humans to work in an unhygienic and dirty work situation. That is what here ends. It is an happiest moment above all the social commitments of this young scientists it’s not always about money they proven it by leaving their jobs and finding a solution for this inhuman act. It is an example for our country and noticeable by the world.

Shainamol IAS | MD, Kerala Water Authority

A year back a photo came in a newspaper , a photo of a worker cleaning a manhole with waste water up to his neck our chief minister saw this news he intimated both the water resource minister and me being the MD of kerala water authority insisting to find a solution to stop manual scavenging. it was around team genrobotics came to meet me in 2018 January and genrobotics was selected as the first startup innovator by kerala water authority.

G Prakash IAS | CMA, Tamil Nadu

Completely robotic controlled, everything can recorded in video, it can be operated from outside by using buttons, it is very easy to use but still its is designed with great technical inputs.

Pradeep Kumar IAS | Sub Collector, Kumbakonam

Even though we eliminated the manual scavenging completely in Tamil nadu, due to emergency or during disaster time we are engaging manual scavengers , because we don’t have an alternative for that. But now we find out the solution.

Veera Pandiyan IAS | Collector, Ananthapuramu

Ananthapuramu District has decided to use robot ‘Bandicoot’ to do Robot cleaning instead of manual cleaning. Henceforth it would be called as Robohole in the place of manhole. GenRobotic Team from Kerala has agreed to partner with Ananthapuramu District Administration in comprehensive rehabilitation of manual scavengers.